Happy 3rd Birthday!

I actually can’t believe it, 3 years ago today, I opened up my property development venture…Who would have thought that I would be sat here today, with 6 incredible properties. All completely renovated from top to bottom, to create some simply stunning houses.

Starting with my first purchase, the day my business was incorporated, a 4 bedroom semi detached property in a quiet neighbourhood.Next up was my biggest challenge, a 2 bedroomed terraced property that had been repossessed. The roof had holes in it, the whole house had been painted red and the amount of damp was unbelievable. However after hard work, long hours and determination, a transformed property emerged!The next purchase was a 3 bedroomed semi detached in Worsley, on a beautiful tree lined road. A neglected house that was desperately in need of making into a home. Overgrown gardens, lack of central heating and windows with holes in them, it was definitely an eye opener!

Then came another 3 bedroom semi detached, this time backing onto a wooded area, very quiet but well located. The smell of smoke in the house was quite shocking, and after 3 weeks of airing, the smell was still there! Another property that needed everything refurbishing.My next purchase was different from the previous, it was a 2 bedroom bungalow on a beautiful road with many older residents. Well kept but dated and in need of some love and attention, a simple renovation but still rewarding.And finally my first transformation, and a home that I will never forget…All of these houses have gone under huge transformations, the 3 years have flown and I can’t wait to get started on the next!

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