Project 5 – part 4

You may remember that the kitchen was almost in, supervising from 3,000 miles away sometimes means the wrong kitchen gets put in!? Yes, thats right, the wrong kitchen got delivered and installed, its put us back 2 weeks, but in my opinion definitely worth the change! So, as originally planned a soft cream kitchen to suit an older tenant has finally been finished!

The bathroom is nearly finished, again I have gone for a cream finish in the bathroom. I think it will make a massive difference when attracting potential tenants.

The painter has been hard at work and painted the entire house, which adds to the final preparations of getting the house on the market!

Again I have gone for cream walls this time instead of the usual white to soften the look and feel of the house.

Having a good painter can make or break your property. A good painter can hide a thousand sins and really make the best of a property.

All the tiling and grouting is completed throughout the kitchen and bathroom so the next job is the carpet fitting.

As you can see the property has moved on quite significantly in the short time since I acquired the property! It just shows when you put your mind to something, it can be achieved in a short space of time.

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