Project 5 – part 3

Almost a month since my last update, and how the house has changed! Its really starting to take shape now…

The window between the bedroom and utility is now in and the plastering work is complete. This room already looks, firstly like a proper room, and secondly more in keeping with the rest of the house and not just an random space.

We also replaced the door between the utility and kitchen to make the house more secure.

A worktop has been installed to make the space more usable and the tiling finishes the room off nicely. A lick of paint and it will look like a completely different room.

The kitchen is also beginning to take shape with the spots ready to be installed and the tiling nearing completion!

Next on the todo list is the bathroom, the bath and toilet are in but the tiling needs to be started and then the rest of the bathroom can be fitted.

Thats it for now but a massive move on in just 4 weeks…

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