Project 3 – part 8

Wow, so this project seems to be a little bit like its never ending but I promise you the end is in sight!

The bathroom is finished, just waiting for the bath panel to go on. I think it looks great and I love the grey tiles contrasting with the white.

We weren’t able to hang the boiler on the wall that backed onto the fridge due to space restrictions which meant that we had to redesign the under the stairs area. This meant putting a cupboard in with a door to enter, in hindsight this is probably better as it can be used for storage.

The window sill under the kitchen window has now been rebuilt so the tiles will look better when in situ. It is the little things that make the different when coming to sell/rent the properties and attention to details definitely puts you heads and shoulders above the rest!

All of the lighting has now had its final fits and the spots are in! The look amazing, I am really please with how much of a different they make over a standard pendant.

The painting is now almost finished, just a few touch ups here and there, so I will be sure to update when we are ready to go to market!!



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