Back to Reality! Catch up on Project 3…

After 3 weeks in Portugal, I have been a little bit out of the game! So Tuesday morning at 8.30am I was back at it… Endless amounts of post with bills, correspondence and more bills closely followed by around 4 hours of phone calls… Not the most exciting first mornings back at work, I must admit, but definitely needed.

Next on the list was full site visits at project 3 and then project 4…

Project 3 has progressed extremely well with the fireplace now in situ, it looks fantastic and really adds something to the living room.

All of the windows are in, and they add a great brightness to the property as I had wanted.

I had seen a new type of privacy windows for bathrooms, this is an opaque silk style which still lets in the light however offers full privacy.

The new kitchen bay window is in with the new glass roof, again this will add lots of light to the room.

Finally the new front door is in, I absolutely love it! I have gone for the opaque silk glass on the full unit to let in as much light as possible but stayed with the original green colour for the door.

The whole house is now being plastered ready for the kitchen and bathroom installation.

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