Project 3 – part 7

The windows are in!! It feels like it’s taken an eternity but the windows are finally in! I decided not to replace the windows at the front of the house as they looked to be in good condition. However this couldn’t be said about the windows at the back of the house… they looked like they had never been replaced! 

So the first window to go was the dining room window which has been replaced with French patio windows leading out onto the garden. 

This already looks a lot more functional and brighter. The idea is to make the outside a small patio are for a bistro table and chairs. 

Next on the list was the back bedroom windows, they already make the room look better! 

Finally I had seen a new type of glass finish called satin which can be used as a privacy glass. I needed this type of glass for the bathroom and the hall as they both overlook the neighbours house. I think they look incredible!! 

The log burner went in this week as well. It looks great and really lends itself to the house. Adding a log burner in will maximise the heat in the house throughout the winter months. 

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