Project 4 – part 3

The house has now been completely emptied of all the old carpets, fixture and wall paper. It is like a completely different house already and the strong smoke smell is finally starting to disappear. I am not going to lie, I was getting a little bit worried of how long it was going to take to completely get rid of the smell but the panic is over!

The kitchen is emptied and the new plans have been made to make the kitchen more family friendly with an incorporated breakfast bar next to the planned new bi-folding windows. The back door is next to go and will soon be bricked up to make way for the new kitchen.

The fireplace has now been ripped out and the new log burning fire has been ordered to make the house feel homely yet modern. I have decided to finish off the log burner with a beam above to as a mantlepiece.

The bathroom is now completely empty and the new suite is on its way. I have decided on putting a white suite into the bathroom replacing the green suite to make the room as bright and clean as possible.


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