Project 4 – part 2

Two weeks in and we are already well under way, with the kitchen ripped out and the space completely opened up. The plan is to put an ‘L’ shaped kitchen into the house, blocking up the back door.

The window will be replaced to make the room completely refreshed. Spotlights will also be added to the kitchen to make the room as bright as possible.

As you can see below, the bathroom is almost out, just the bath needs removing. The plan is to switch the bath so the taps to be on the opposite wall so we can install a shower feature. This will make the bathroom more family friendly when coming to rent it out or sell on.

All of the carpets have pulled up in preparation of the rewire and installation of the heating system.

Next on the list is emptying the rest of the house, stripping the walls and then making start on the garden.

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