Project 2 – final part

So project 2 is finally finished! A little late, I must admit, however definitely worth it! The house looks incredible! A new kitchen has been put in replacing the previous which was falling apart. I decided on a white high gloss to keep the kitchen as bright as possible. The grey wood effect floor tiles are on trend currently but timeless at the same time. 

You may remember the house previously having very red walls which were a tad difficult to get rid of however finally after lots of coats of paint, the red has disappeared. The white living room and dining room really brighten up the house reflecting the light. 

New carpets have finished off the house giving it a real finished look. White high gloss doors and skirting boards add to the final look too. 

Next I added a hand rail to the stairs to make it safer. I really think this has made a big difference to the room, and is a nice addition. Again the finish is in white high gloss to reflect light around the room.

Before the rail went in…

I have white washed the upstairs as well, continuing with the same neutral carpet.  

I have put in a brand new bathroom suite along with a new towel rail and tiles. I have also put in a cupboard to enclose the boiler and add some storage space to the bathroom. I think the transformation is great and will really make a difference to resale ability of the house. 

The house will be going up for rent in the next few days. If you are interested in viewing the property please contact me. 

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