Project 3 – part 3

My task this week is to sort the outside of the house out! Its a tall task as the grass is about 2 foot long and there are weeds EVERYWHERE! So far the garage has been painted so it is no longer dull and uninviting and I have tackled the front lawn.

Its unbelievable what a lick of paint can do. This is a quick and easy way to transform something that looks like it is falling apart to something that looks like it is fit for purpose. I decided to keep the colours classic to ensure it was friendly to all tastes.

I then went on to mow the front lawn, which was a task in itself! As you can see below it is completely overgrown and neglected. So the Flymo had a lot of work to do! There is literally grass everywhere! In the borders, in the plants, in the bushes, everywhere you look there is grass. Then I found weeds growing in the grass!

I am actually really pleased with the results, the grass looks neat and tidier than it has looked in a long time! There is still a way to go, until it is looking its best, but its a start. The next challenge will be the boarders and getting rid of all the grass and weeds.

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