You get what you pay for!

I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for in life. I bought a Corioliss hair dryer over 10 years ago and it’s still gong strong to this day. It’s been all around the world with me, it’s been dropped, scratched and scrapped but it has survived and worked all the same! 

So this week I reluctantly bought a Cloud Nine replacement hair dryer as I am getting a bit nervous that my beloved Corioliss hair dryers time might be nearly up! So far so good, it is very powerful, has multiple settings and looks the part… 

I have used Cloud Nine Touch Straightners and The ‘O’ Pod for several years now and never had a complaint. However my Straightners met there maker a couple of weeks ago so when ordering my new hair dryer I took the plunge and ordered a new pair of Touch Straightners too. 

They are by far the best Straightners on the market heating up instantly and giving a smooth sleek look. I would never go back to GHD after using these, they do 3 sizes, mini, standard and wide for all different hair types! 

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