Accessorising is Key…

When putting the finishing touches to your home, the accessories can make or break the overall look and feel. I have taken over 7 months getting the final pieces for my new home, to make sure it reflects the style I was going for.

The large candle in this image smells absolutely divine, it is from Anthropologie and they have these candles in different sizes. The small star candles are actually from Christmas, which I am still to put away (oops!), they are from The White Company and come in a pack of 4. The Swallow was actually a house warming present from my dad, he lives in Portugal and it is a good luck charm to have a swallow in your home, they are traditionally given when you move to a new home. I really love the swallow as it adds a quirky touch to the collection.

After candles, my second obsession is vases, I just can’t stop buying them! So I change them around every few months so I have an excuse to buy more. The two spotty vases were housewarming presents from my lovely friends as they know I love Kate Spade homewares. The large copper vase is from Bents Garden Centre a couple of years ago, I just had to have it even though I didn’t have my own home.

I have lanterns all around my home but these two are by far my favourites. Nellie also took a shine to them and decided to have a good nibble, so they had to be moved from by the front door into the dining room. I tend to go through phases of lighting them, but when I do they give off a beautiful ambience.

One of my favourite things to do is to shop, and I love shopping for my home the most! I could spend days in independent home stores looking for pieces to decorate my home.

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