A spoilt puppy is a happy puppy…

Nellie is like any puppy and loves to destroy her toys! After going through all of her toys, and half of my wardrobe, it was time to go toy shopping. So off we went on a mini road trip to Bents Garden Centre, Barkers of Wilmslow and then Pets at Home…

First stop was coffee and cake at the Pet Cafe at Bents Garden Centre, we absolutely love it here. Nellie loves making new friends with all the other dogs and then watching the world go by. Unfortunately we didn’t find any new toys here but it was a great start to the toy buying mission.

Next stop was Barkers of Wilmslow which was by far the biggest hit with Nellie with the majority of her toys coming from there. Nellie got extremely excited picking all of her new toys, with the odd treat inbetween, she has been truly spoilt today.

I worry for if I ever have children to the amount of money that I am not going to have!

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