Project 2 – part 2

The kitchen is now in and the tiling has been completed! As I spoke about in my previous post, Project 2 – part 1, the theme for the entire house is white. I decided to go for a wood worktop to break up the white and also as the house is going to be rented it won’t show up marks as easily. I chose simple white brick tiles to complete the kitchen to maintain the clean look. The flooring is grey tiling, in the effect of wood, so dirt doesn’t show up as much as if I had chosen a lighter colour.

An entire new bathroom suite was also installed keeping with the theme of white but adding in a marble effect tile. As you can see there is still quite a bit of work to go but it is worlds apart from what was there we I bought the house.

As I spoke about in my previous post I wanted to create some storage space for the house, so I partitioned off part of the front room to create this. The space is big enough to store bikes etc.

By adding on the storage room, it meant that I could create an entrance hall to the house and block out some of the noise from the road.

You might remember from my previous post, that when I bought this property the front door needed replacing due to having been kicked in by the previous owners. The windows also needed replacing so having completed this part of the works I am please to show you our shiny new door and windows.

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  1. Sarah
    August 7, 2017 / 9:07 am

    Coming together nicely Georgie can’t wait to see the finished product 😊 xxx

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