Finishing Touches…

When putting the  finishing touches to your home, it may take a little that you first thought. That is because sometimes what we imagine for our homes, are simply just not available. I must have bought 20 cushions before landing on the ones in the image below. I searched high and low on the high street and internet looking for the perfect cushions and I just couldn’t find them. Until 1 day when I had been shopping in London, I was heading back to the station and I discovered West Elm, my new favourite homewares store. West Elm is the only store in the UK and are part of of the Williams Sonoma group who are also parents to Pottery Barn in the US. So it just shows, when you are least expecting to find what you want, it appears right before your eyes.

Moving on to my wine rack, now this is like marmite, you either love it or hate it! I love it! It it is very simple but is a great feature for my living room. I must admit it has encourage me to buy more wine and champagne that I don’t really need, but you only live once. I thought the house was also missing a little bit of greenery so I went out and bought a beautiful lemon tree to add a little colour.

This is possibly my favourite pieces of furniture but again it took me a long time to find it. Of all places I was browsing round an independent furniture store in Bolton and stumbled across this beauty below. It fits in perfectly with my other furniture but has slightly more detail with the silver highlights. It was a great find and helps me out with my storage problem with 2 big cupboards and doors.

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