Betty & Butch

Today I visited an amazing shop in Chorlton called Betty & Butch. They are all about health and happiness for dogs… So after having a tour of the shop the purse came out, I literally cannot help myself!

I bought Nellie a new bed from Bowl and Bone, the bed is called a loft cushion perfect for dogs that like to lounge, I knew that this would be right up Nellies street! I normally choose greys to tone in with my colour scheme at home but decided to take the plunge and opt for a coral coloured bed, great for the summer.

They had a fantastic deli with a pick n mix style treats from Haggis to Biltong to Chicken Burgers all for Dogs. Alongside this they produce there own food for dogs and they stock various brands of food including raw meats.

As well as there store in Chorlton they have recently opened a concept store in Hale. Why not check out the website here? Or visit there store Chorlton or Hale.

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