Project 2 – part 1

After my first project of renovating my home this project was always going to be very different! Firstly the house was a repossession, in need of a lot of work and attention. Secondly the house needed rewiring as the electrics were not safe for the current regulations. Thirdly the roof was very damaged and had lots of holes in it, this had caused damp throughout the entire house. Finally the house had been trashed by the previous owners meaning nearly everything needed to be replaced including the windows and doors. Challenge set!

So the first task was to rip out everything in the house from the kitchen and bathroom to the carpets and tiles. Then strip the entire house back to brick and start work on the damp proofing, a job that took quite a significant amount of time, but needed to be done to ensure the problem was fixed forever. Whilst the house was stripped back, it was a great time to get all the rewiring in place for the electrics.

New windows were then installed throughout the house to upgrade them to double glazing and block out as much noise as possible. The doors were replaced as they had been heavily damaged by being kicked by the previous owners.

I then decided to reconfigure the front reception room to make space for a small entrance hall and storage cupboard. This was for a couple of reasons, to block out noise from the main road and to create storage space, as there was very little within the house.

We then moved onto putting in the kitchen and bathroom. I opted for a white high gloss kitchen with a wooden worktop, to create the sense of space and cleanliness. In the bathroom, I again went for a white suite and white tiles to reflect the light around the room. When you are working with a small space it is always an idea to keep the colours as light as possible. Also, when buying or renting a house, potential buyers or tenants, need to be wowed with how great these 2 rooms look so it is worth spending that little bit more time and money making them perfect!

One thing I have come to learn very fast is you need to have a strong team around you to ensure the job is completed to the standards you set. An Electrician, a Plumber, a Decorator and a Builder that are at the top of their game, and you trust, are essential to be successful in this business!

The decorating and carpet laying are the last couple of things to be finished. I am aiming to complete the works by the end of July, so I will update you on the final look and feel then.

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