Nellies First Groom

Today Nellie had her first groom at the amazing Prestige Paws in Boothstown. She had a luxury bath and blow followed by a full clipping to get rid of the masses of hair she had. The went on to give her a little massage and a pawdicure to ensure she was relaxed as possible! To finish the outing off she had a few squirts of Jimmy Choo Perfume for Dogs making her smell good enough to eat. As you can see she looks absolutely beautiful and Nellie thoroughly enjoyed her visit, I am sure she will be back for another pamper session soon.

They have other services such as Facials, Dogzillians, Fur Dying & Glitter Coat Spraying and Asian Fusion Grooms. The latest doggy treats grace there shelves having taken inspiration from there travels.

Why not have a look at there website or contact Chelsea today on 07800923852.

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